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Corporate Investigations

Our Principal Officer has over thirty years of experience in the investigation of Health Care Fraud, Procurement Fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, Money Laundering, Tax Fraud, Bribery, Embezzlement, Bank Fraud, Securities Violations, and other Federal Civil and Criminal violations involving the compromise of Internal Controls and misapplication of Corporate resources.

Veritas Investigations provides investigative support to several nationally respected law firms that specialize in False Claims Act, Consumer Fraud, Securities, and Class Action Litigation - but we also offer our investigative services to companies that seek to strengthen their Internal Controls and avoid becoming targets of such lawsuits through the prompt investigation and adjudication of employee misconduct or violations of contractual, financial, or regulatory requirements.

Our Agents are particularly well suited to provide your inside or outside counsel with discreet and independent investigative support to evaluate Sexual Harassment Complaints, Age or Racial Discrimination Complaints, or Hotline Complaints alleging noncompliance with contractual or regulatory requirements and established Internal Controls relating to Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Engineering, Security, Accounting, or other systems. 

Corporate Investigations

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