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Domestic & Family Investigations

Infidelity, custody disputes, child neglect, and abuse of the elderly are sensitive issues. Working through these issues can be embarrassing or frightening, which is why at Veritas Investigations, we treat domestic investigations with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Our investigators adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement and will always keep your feelings in mind.

Infidelity and Spousal Investigations

We provide the following services to people who are married or soon to be married: 
  • Spousal surveillance
  • Spousal abuse investigation
  • Pre-marital background checks

Child and Parent Investigations

Children are precious, and need to be treated as such. That's why we offer:
  • Child abuse and child neglect investigations
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and "nanny cams"
  • Custodial parent investigations
  • Child support investigations
  • Missing person investigations
  • Locating deadbeat parents
  • Juvenile transport and escort services

Protecting the Elderly

Our parents and grandparents need to be protected when they are vulnerable due to age, infirmity, or mental illness.  We can assist your efforts to ensure they are protected by:

  • Investigating and documenting nursing home abuse
  • Investigating fraud and theft by caretakers
  • Providing GPS Systems that allow you to monitor the location of Alzheimer patients
  • Providing escorts to transport and assist the elderly
  • Installing surveillance systems that allow you to monitor activities in the home when you are absent.






Pre-marital Background Checks


Child Abuse

Domestic Violence


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