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  1. Clients that have an established Retainer Account can order services at any time, and will be billed monthly for all services provided.  Please call us if you want to establish a Retainer Account.

  2. Clients that do not have a Retainer Account will be required to deposit an Advanced Fee equal to half of the estimated cost of any investigation, as outlined in the Investigative Plan/Cost Proposal you receive from us for the engagement.  Your Advanced Fee will be applied to hourly fees, mileage, and other incurred costs, and you will be invoiced on a monthly basis and at the conclusion of the investigation.

  3. For Background Investigations, Service of Process, and other fee based services, clients that do not have retainer accounts are required to pay the basic Service Fee at the time the service is ordered. Once a service of this type is ordered, we cannot cancel the service or refund your fee if we have started work on the project. Any additional cost (such as mileage, document fees, or other incurred costs not covered by the basic fee) will be invoiced to the customer upon completion of the assignment.

  4. Service Fees, Retainers, Advances and invoices can be paid by check mailed to our business address or by credit card.  We have selected Paypal as our credit card agent because they provide an online payment service that protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with us.  Once your credit card transaction is completed, you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction from PayPal.

To Make a Credit Card Payment, select one of the following options:  

Pay A Retainer or Advance Fee
Please enter your Name, Law Firm, or Company Below
After you select the Buy Now Button, you will be prompted to enter the amount of your Retainer or Advanced Fee.



Pre-Employment Investigations
Fax the Employee Application and Applicant Release Form to us, select the type of EBI you are ordering, enter the Applicant's Name, and click Buy Now.

Enter The Applicant's  Name Below




Service of Process
Fax the SOP Form to us, select the County, enter the Subject's Name, and click Buy Now

Enter The Subject's Name Below



Payments made through PayPal will be posted to your credit card statement.  Please call us at (937) 673-4546 if there are any questions.

Experience Counts

Our Agents have years of experience in the conduct of Criminal and Civil Investigations and apply their prior Law Enforcement experience to tip the Scales of Justice in your favor.

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