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Pre-Employment Investigations

Pre-Employment Background Investigations should always be included as part of the process of screening, evaluating, and selecting new employees.  In today's competitive business environment, employers can't afford the overhead costs and manpower required to supervise, counsel, and separate "problem" employees. Getting it right the first time, will save you time, money, and aggravation.  At Veritas, we work with employers to ensure that our Background Investigations are complete, accurate, and affordable.

A properly designed pre-employment background investigation should include:

    • Criminal History checks in each jurisdiction (County) where the applicant has resided, or conduct of State and Federal Criminal History checks through the Ohio WebCheck System (Ohio law requires WebCheck background checks on new hires or individuals obtaining professional licenses in certain specified occupations).

    • Civil History checks in each jurisdiction (County) where the applicant has resided over the past seven years.  Civil complaints can help you identify applicants that have continuing financial problems, tax problems, histories of domestic violence, or other problems that may impact their suitability for employment in fiduciary or other sensitive positions.

    • Verification of prior employment history and other material statements contained on employees' applications (licensure, certifications, education, etc.).
    • Submission of the applicant's Name, Social Security number, place of birth, and Alien Identification number (if applicable) through the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify System to confirm the applicant's identity and right to work in the US (if applicant is not a US Citizen).  We are an E-Verify Agent and can perform this service at no additional charge as part of our Pre-Employment Investigations.  Federal contractors are now required to use the E-Verify System.

    • Call us today to design and implement a Background check program for your Company.

    • When requesting Employment Background Investigations, please be sure to fax us a copy of the employee's application, and a completed Applicant Release Form.



Investigations Reduce Risk and Save Money.

- Verify training, education, and Experience.

- Eliminate Negligent Hiring Lawsuits by screening for criminal history.

- Satisfy Federal and State laws by verifying US citizenship or Immigration Status.

- Cut overhead costs by avoiding future personnel problems.


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